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Social media should be taken in advantage in all companies and organisations – forget the barriers. The change in corporate culture is big and the change does not hapen suddenly, but through long-term co-operation, digitalization will become a part of the every-day life. We at Someco are professionals in Social Media Marketing Communications and in Content Production and we will help you find the right ways to succeed in social media.


We coach the professionals in marketing and communications to develop the use of social media in corporate marketing, but also help the leaders and specialists to participate in relevant social media discussions and to takeover the communicative approach to the working life.


Our team is always up-to-date within social media development.





Teemu Vappula

Service Manager

Visit Turku


Someco has helped us especially in developing the social media

strategy and content creation. Additionally, Someco has even

heped us in practice. With this co-operation, we have been able

to benefit from up-to-date knowledge and thus have been able

to support everyone’s development.





Saara Malila

City of Turku

Communications Director


Someco has coached us to develop the use of social media

as a tool for communications. We have received a lot of good

ideas to content production and learnt to tailor our contents

better in social media channels.




Anna Kivinen

Project Manager



Someco produced a video for Creative Business Camp -event

cost-effectively and quickly after the event. The video supported

our marketing efforts very well.





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