Community Manager Appreciation Day

Community Manager Appreciation Day


Community Manager Appreciation Day was organized on January 27th for the third time in Finland. This annual gathering has succeeded in reaching especially the community managers who work with social media communities. What has been pointed out in the global #CMAD discussion, is the fact, that nowadays community management is less focused on the technics (for example social media channels) but more focused on empowering the community: the content, strategies and metrics.



This year, the Finnish #CMADFI -event was organized in Hämeenlinna. There were more than 200 participants and the event was organized by the community itself. The day was full of presentations and quite focused on the tools that community managers could use in their daily work. What I had wanted to hear more about, are the challenges about creating and managing the community.

Minna Valtari

Minna Valtari, CEO of Someco, giving her speech about the challenges of the outsourcing of the community management

I also gave a short speech at the event with the topic: the challenges the buyer and the deliver meet when outsourcing community management. This topic might sometimes raise a lot of controversial voices, since it is difficult to outsource community management. It is especially difficult to outsource the presence of the company. The question I raised was: how to be present when you actually are not present? This challenges us at Someco daily, since we manage our customers’ communities. I know that it can be done, but good processes and confidential co-operation are needed in order to succeed. Thus, you have to carefully choose your partner for social media and community management.

Someco tiimi

The team of Someco: Petra Louhimies, Anna Mellin and Minna Valtari


If you want to read more about the concept of Community Manager Appreciation Day or in general about community management, I suggest thou should check out for example the blog post #CMAD 2014 By the Numbers by Tim Mc Donald.

  • tamcdonald

    Thank you Minna! it was such an honor to be on the screen via Google Hangout with #CMADfi!