Improve customer experience with content


Improve customer experience with content

As customers make their decisions based on the experiences they have with the brand or organisation over time, content needs to be created in ways that support this. But how can organisations use content to optimize customer experience?

Content is a powerful tool to create brand awareness and manage expectations. It reaches out to customers both on logical and emotional level.

All dimensions of a great customer experience can be supported with the right kind of content.

The dimensions of customer experience are among others effectiveness, effort and emotion. Was I able to solve my problem with the service provided? How much effort did that take? And how was I treated during the encounter or how did it make me feel? Content can smooth out many hick-ups in the customer’s path to purchase.

Customer centric content

Customer centricity requires a solid strategic base against which the content is produced. Content goals derived from the organisation’s strategy show ROI but also help in keeping the content valuable and relevant.

Create customer centric content with data and by turning it into insight.

Data must not only be gathered and analysed, but also used in the content planning and production cycle. How did a certain piece of topic or channel work? How did my audience response? Did we reach the intended audience? Answers to these questions should be the starting point for any content planning session.

Tools for gathering and producing customer insight are vital for a truly customer centric content strategy. Different ways for profiling customers and their behaviour are at best combined with real-time information on customers’ expectations, journeys and behaviours. Interviews, observation or including the customers in the content design process are ways to ensure that not only the content itself is top notch but that it also reaches the intended audience at the correct time. After all, content is only as good as its delivery.

Content strategy to deliver the experience

How well your own staff is able to utilise your contents is a key element in successful content marketing. All staff should have the tools to inform and serve customers at any given time or channel. Listening to customers across channels also creates information that can be utilised in service design or strategic decision making of the organisation.

A proper content strategy covers areas that are vital for delivering the essence of your brand at each touchpoint.

Exercises that might seem to serve only the content planning process, such as tone-of-voice or brand personality maps, can be turned into powerful internal tools that help your people to deliver optimal experience to your customers.

Offering great customer experience requires breaking down organisational silos and utilising the organisation’s content to its fullest potential. Optimising customer experience is a cross functional challenge and content creation and distribution should also be seen as such.