What did I learn at #INBOUND17?

What did I learn at #INBOUND17?

In September 2017, I attended INBOUND17-seminar in Boston and I already wrote about my expectations before attending the event. This was my first time at this huge annual conference and there were more than 20 000 participants. It was great to see how an event of this scale was organized and to learn from the best. In this blog post I will take up four topics that were broadly discussed and comment these topics.

1. How to survive change – learn

The keynote of the first day was held by researcher/storyteller Brené Brown. She talked about belonging and daring greatly. Her speech made me think about today’s working life. We are experiencing this huge technogical shift and work is going to change. During this change, we will need new knowledge and self-development is becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. We need to be able to learn and adapt to the changes. We need to dare say if we don’t know something yet and we have to be ready to learn more and more. If you are not ready to admit you do not know something yet and if you are not willing to learn more, you are not going to be successful in the future. These topics are very relevant when it comes to digital marketing, since new solutions and changes are announced in the various marketing channels on a weekly or even daily basis.

Also Rand Fishkin’s keynote featured a lot of comments about learning. It is always beneficial to start learning earlier: If you learn and try new features among the first adapters, you are already on the top of the learning curve when the others are only beginning to think that now we actually must begin learning.

2. Facebook and videos

Mari Smith spoke about Facebook TV: How to Maximize Your Reach and Results Using Video. Smith focused especially on the role of videos in social media marketing and their role on Facebook. New ways to engage with videos, especially on Facebook, are announced continuously and thus one can not help but say that videos are going to play even a bigger role in the future than they do now. Lately for example, Facebook Watch and weekly shows on Facebook are announced so there will be plenty of new ways to use videos in the future.

3. The future is all about messaging

On the third day of INBOUND17, HubSpot’s Head of Marketing (APAC) James Gilbert spoke about Facebook Messenger. Facebook is planning to monetize the application and when people use messaging apps more and more, Messenger becomes even more relevant for marketers than before. Facebook is learning from WeChat – in the future, you can buy, order and pay on Messenger. Also bots for Messenger are being used to make it easier for consumer brands to engage with customers via messaging.

4. Emerging channels

VP of Marketing Meghan Keany Anderson from Hubspot spoke about the adventures that Hubspot has made in the emerging channels. She told their experiences from Medium, podcasting and live streaming. This session was very interesting since there are not so many B2B-companies trying out podcasting and live streaming yet. Always when entering new channels, content optimization is something one must learn by doing. For example at Medium, the content must be created with quite a different way than it would be created when search engine optimization is the key. Podcasts on the other hand demand a lot of throwing oneself in a video if one wants to succeed. To sum up, Anderson was also talking a lot about the importance of wanting to learn, that I also took up earlier. To learn using emerging channels, you need to try to be able learn!