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Maarit Niemelä appointed CEO of Someco

M.Econ. Maarit Niemelä has started as CEO of Someco as of 1.3.2018. She has previously worked as Lead Content Strategist at Someco. The nomination supports the strategy of Someco and is a natural step forward as the company is growing.

“For nearly six years I have been responsible for developing the services Someco offers its clients. Now it is time for us to take the next step”, says Founder Minna Valtari who will change over to Chairman of the Board and who continues to work in #TeamSomeco as Strategist.

This year, #TeamSomeco will grow to be a company of over 20 experts. “As we grow, we are supported by our well-functioning processes, which create a steady basis for operating. With that being said, the heart of Someco is still its great team; these people have an astonishing ability to embrace new things”, Maarit states.

Development partner

Maarit Niemelä has been playing a key role when it comes to building the business area of content strategy; this has come to form one of the foundations of Someco. In 2017, the content strategy business area nearly trebled and further growth is expected this year. Total sales hit close to 1.5 million euros in 2017.

“For several years now, I have had the vision that companies will need help in shaping their content strategy. This is the vision we used as a basis when we started to build new services that draws from Someco’s roots; the strong knowledge in social media channels and the comprehension of marketing communications that our strategists have”, Maarit says as she provides the background for Someco’s way of working.

All content should be backed up by clear goals that have been led from the strategy. Every content producer needs to understand their daily work as a part of a bigger picture.

Maarit claims that one big, but very necessary, transition is the way marketing, communications and sales have moved closer to one another or even integrated in companies.

As this change is occurring, we help our customers to polish their most important core content. On the other hand, we are here to support our customers in building the necessary operations models.

Even today, in Finland, the companies’ skill level in content marketing and social media continues to vary greatly.

“Also in the future, we must be able to support both those who are already professionals in content production and strategy as well as those who are just starting to get the hang of it. Many branches are now facing the very final moments to join in on social media”, Minna states.

If there is one thing Maarit is determined to hold on to, it is the guiding principle of Someco:
Everything we do is guided by the desire to support the development of our customers; whether it is finding the strategic direction, practical measures or training the people working with communications – even developing the knowledge of the entire organisation.”

Prior to Someco, Maarit worked in content marketing for Otavamedia Asiakasviestintä (nowadays Otavamedia OMA) where she was responsible for account management and content development.

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The basis of our strategical work is that no content should be produced without a connection to business objectives and company mission.

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Our clients need not use their precious time to following constant changes of social medi, because we will keep them up-to-date about everything relevant to their business.

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We coach marketing and communication professionals, company management and specialists to use social media as a part of their work.

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Someco 5 years

We celebrated Someco's fifth birthday at our Turku office on the 9th of June 2017. Check out photos from our Facebook page.

Somecoffee -seminar 23.5.2017

Someco organized a seminar about the integration of social media into business processes. The seminar was organized at Musiikkitalo in Helsinki on the 23rd of May 2017.

Finnish Red Cross has chosen Someco

The goal for this co-operation is to develop the social media communications.
(Photo: Andreas von Weissenberg / Finnish Red Cross)


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Tarvitsimme apua KPMG:n työnantajamielikuvan rakentamiseen sosiaalisessa mediassa. Aiemmin tekemisestä puuttui punainen lanka, se oli epäjärjestelmällistä ja kanavia ei ollut roolitettu. Somecon kanssa tehty käytännönläheinen strategiatyö rakensi pohjan työnantajamielikuvan viestinnälle somessa. Se auttoi meitä tuomaan sisältöihimme aitoutta ja selkeyttämään prosessejamme.