Expectations before attending #INBOUND17

Expectations before attending #INBOUND17

On September 25th-28th, I will attend #INBOUND17-seminar in Boston. This is the first time I am travelling to this huge annual conference. There were 19 000+ participants last year from 92 countries and this year, the organizers try to get even more participants from around the world.

The lineup for keynotes is impressing. Best-selling author Brené Brown, Hubspot Co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, President and Founder of Pixar Ed Catmull and last but not least, the former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama. I am eagerly waiting for these keynotes and am very excited to listen to Michelle Obama, who is a world-class communicator, advocate for global education, and example of leading with openness and inclusivity.

The schedule for the week is pretty tight – there will be lots of interesting sessions and hopefully also a lot of know-how and inspiration to take home with me. Even if there are a lot of interesting sessions organized at the same time, I am quite happy that I was able to build this great agenda for me. In this blog post, I will go through the sessions that I have registered for and share my expectations for the #INBOUND17.

Content marketing sessions

Already on the first day of #INBOUND17, I will attend a session by Kelsey Meyer, the co-founder and president of Influence & Co., who was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in Marketing and Advertising in 2016. She will tell how content can be used as a tool for each department of the business. This is something we at Someco have been encouraging that the forerunners of the use of social media should take as the next step. The ability to use content when it comes to the business units other than marketing and communications is crucial. Content and social media channels will be strategically used only when the understanding of content marketing and social media is shared broadly in the organization.

I am also looking forward to CoSchedule’s CEO & Co-Founder Garrett Moon speaking about Content Hacking: Creating Content That Stands Out And Actually Builds An Audience. I also believe in killer content so it will be great to hear his recipe for content hacking. He is going to speak about the blue ocean content that actually differentiates and drives traffic.

The is the session 4 Steps to Creating Explosive Success with Content Marketing on LinkedIn by Viveka von Rosen, Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer at Vengreso shall give me A better understanding of the relationship between your current marketing and LinkedIn Publisher Strategies to create more and better content without creating more work for yourself. In general, I believe that Content Marketing strategies may of course vary when it comes to different channels but will be intresting to see what kind of a vie Viveka von Rosen has on the differentiation between channels.

Inbound marketing sessions

Building trust is essential for branding. To be the most trusted voice in your industry is something many companies, especially on the B2B-sector want to be, but they have yet to find the new strategies and tactics  for this. With Inbound Methodology a lot can be done. These topics will be covered by Samantha Alford, CEO at Inbound Addons, at the session: Become the Most Trusted Voice in Your Industry and Build Your Community Now, or Someone Else Will. 

On of the most interesting sessions for me will be The Secret Formula to Having a Successful Inbound Agency in 2018 and Beyond by Inbound Agency Coach & Consultant Clodagh Higgins. After 8 years of working in the Inbound Industry, he reveals his recipe for building and maintaining a profitable Inbound Agency and has promised to show every step of the process. This might give me some new ideas on how to develop Someco’s own processes.

Additionally, I will attend a session on how sales organization can be transitioned to inbound sales and also one on Listen To Sell – Mastering Life’s Most Power Skill. These practical sessions on sales are very interesting since I think many organisations should try to forget those boundaries between different units and try to unite the knowledge that marketing, communications and sales teams have in order to build better ways to market the organisation and its brand.

Facebook-related sessions at #INBOUND17

Of course, I am also going to attend some sessions regarding Facebook. Premier Facebook Marketing Expert Mari Smith is going to speak about Facebook TV and answer the question: How to maximize your reach and results using video? This session will be interesting since everyone is now speaking about video and its growth. I wonder if at Inbound, any speaker dares to say that not only will video be relevant in the future but also other forms of content like text, photos and audio will be important in the future. For me, it is difficult to believe that the other forms would not be consumed in the future.

The most conspicuous of all the topics for the session is the session by Hubspot’s Principal Marketing Manager of Paid Acquisition Rex Gelb: What I’ve learned about paid ads from spending millions on Facebook. I am curious to know whether there will actually be something new for me to learn or will this session support the knowledge we have grown also in Finland. Unfortunately the presentation of this session says: We’ll begin with a quick, high-level overview for beginners, and then dive into the weeds so you’re armed with the technical know-how to set-up a business changing campaign later that night. At Someco, our training for advanced Facebook advertising takes three hours, so let’s see how much know-how Gelb can provide in 45 minutes when he begins with a high-level overview for beginners.

Emerging channels

Furthermore, I will participate in a couple of sessions covering the emerging channels. I will listen to Hubspot’s VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson‘s experiences from emerging channels: Adventures in Emerging Channels: What we learned from a year with Medium, Podcasting, and Live Streaming. Hubspot has namely been developing content strategies for these new channels.

I am also very much looking forward to the session by Kierran Petersen, Associate Producer at HubSpot, who runs The Growth Show by Hubspot. She is going to explain how to build the DNA of an addicting podcast from the ground up — from idea to execution  in her session Audio Storytelling: Why Your Company’s Podcast Doesn’t Have to Be Boring.