Local content for Global Facebook Pages

Local content for Global Facebook Pages

SisaltoIf your product or service is suitable for global markets and you are thinking about expanding your reach, Facebook Global Pages is a great tool to bring your products or services forth. Facebook is a cost-effective way to examine your product’s global market situation.

Worldwide, there are over 1,4 billion montly active users on Facebook. 936 million of these people use Facebook daily and stay there about 20 minutes in average. These statistics give a warming insight to companies and organisations, who are interested in international marketing. Facebook can truly be the place to meet your international audience. But only if you do it right, with local content.

The group of 1,4 billion users is a huge mass audience. So if you want your marketing to be successful, you should interact with these people in a more tailored way. You should not create the same content to different target groups.

What are Global Pages?

Facebook has offered Global Pages for international brands for a few years already. What Global Pages mean is, that you can have separate pages for different countries and language groups under one main page. With Facebook Global Pages you can define different pages for different countries and geographical locations. For Facebook users, this means that when they search for business pages in Facebook, they are automatically directed to the most suitable version of the page according to the language which they use Facebook in and to the geographical location.

International page structure helps international brands to gain audiences and customers both globally and locally. The amount of people who like the page on different pages will be summed up, and the number will be shown on every local page. The admin will see the country-specific numbers, but your audience will see only the bigger picture.

What Global Pages mean to your content creation

With Global Pages you can create a more tailored user experience and offer relevant content to your existing and potential fans and customers. Within every global page, there’s a possibility to create totally unique, local content – whether it is basic information, banners, profile pictures, applications or campaigns, it can be tailored to its best.

If you manage several Global Pages, that does not necessarily mean a lot of extra work. Global Pages gives you a simple tool to manage your international brand. You can either manage the page yourself or give access to your local staff around the world. You can also easily find all the statistics you need under one page.

With Global Pages you can easily tailor the content to fit different cultures and countries. You can for example use the same picture, but edit the copy text to fit the audience you are trying to reach. You can for example use the picture you took to celebrate Finnish Father’s Day and make it a brunch celebration in the UK.

By tailoring your content, you are regognizing your customers’ needs and learning at the same time. If the content you have created somehow links into everyday life of your existing or potential lead, the effect you make is stronger. On the other hand, if the content seems like it is thrown together from a global image bank, the reaction can turn against you.

Facebook Global Pages can only be taken into use together with Facebook. If you are interested in Global Pages structure, contact us and we will make it happen together!