Content strategy

Content strategy and social media strategy

At Someco, strategic understanding of content marketing and a deep expertise in social media live under the same roof.

The starting point for any of our strategic work is that no content should be produced without a connection to business strategy and objectives. We also believe that any piece of good content should vigorously be distributed and marketed for the relevant target groups. That is why our content strategies always have a tight link with social media. In case your need focuses purely on social media strategy, you will profit from our wider perspective on the field of content marketing.

We help you to create a content strategy that gives prerequisites for an effective content marketing process. Content strategy supports business goals and mission by helping companies produce content that really works for the audience. During the strategy work we will brighten the goals and the content templates that support them, the roles of the channels and target groups, relevant measurements and the ways of working in practise.

We believe in continuous learning, why strategy shall not be a static paper. A roadmap is needed for the successful execution of a content strategy. One should also continuously follow the data to know if the content is successful, as well as implement this knowledge for later use. In the coaching meetings that take place after the strategy work, we support you to execute the actions in practice.


Our experienced strategists understand the big picture of marketing communications and how social media can support the overall picture. We have implemented strategy work for B2B-companies, consumer brands and public organizations.

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